We Found Each Other.


We are Tyler and Tiffany; 2 humans, yogi's, sailors and people working to find all the good we can in our lives. We met in 2012 at our CrossFit gym, dated for a couple years and got married in July 2015. Since the day we met we have dreamed together about what our lives would look like. We are finally starting to realize those dreams. Tiffany owns O Yoga in Syracuse, NY and Tyler works for his family's mortgage bank Commonfund Mortgage. Someday though, we will be sailing the world, hosting people for retreats and cruises on our boat in the far corners of our globe. Our passion is fitness, travel and meeting and sharing our time with amazing people. 

Tyler has had a life long passion with sailing and spread the vibes to Tiffany the first time she visited Henderson Harbor. The dreams really started to flow on their honeymoon sailing from St. Lucia to Grenada over the course of 10 days. At the end of the trip they met a gentleman who had sailed around the world. Somehow, he convinced Tiffany that it was easy and all you do is set the sails and go downwind. From there the seed was planted and every day they have continued to lay the groundwork for their dreams to become reality. Little by little, day by day they are and someday they will take off.