Episode 7- Cliff Carey

Owning your own clothing store has always seemed to me to be one of the coolest things you could do! For my personality though, it has always seemed to risky to even begin to think about. I am a baby! Where to begin? It seems that is where all of my bright ideas begin and end. For Cliff Carey, where to begin leads to a stream of ideas and avenues on how to make things happen. Cliff isn’t from Syracuse but he believes in what our community stands for like he was a life long soul from here. After finding success in the hearing aid industry he walked away and started America Reserve Clothing. Initially as an online retailer and most recently as a stake holder in the Armory Square section of downtown Syracuse. If you haven’t been in, you need to stop by and at the very least say hello. He has stories to tell and you for sure will walk away inspired.

The background music was provided by Sol Rising. Find him on iTunes, Spotify or basically anywhere you listen to music. www.solrising.com and @solrising on Instagram.


Tyler Cagwin