Episode 1- Just Joe

I have known Joe for about 10 years. He has been a long time friend, played music at our wedding and is someone who I admire for his relentless pursuit of success in a career that is based on his passion of playing music. 

Joes love for music started when he was about 4 years old and listened to his mother play piano.  As he grew older his interest changed but he never let go of his piano. His road to the 1 man show he is now is winding and filled with all the wild times and rock and roll one would expect of a mild mannered, heavily tattooed crooner. Joe is a great guy, wonderful father and awesome friend. I hope you enjoy this episode.

  1. Website: www.justjoe.com
  2. Instagram: @justjoe55
  3. Twitter: @justjoe55
  4. Facebook: Joe Altier

Thank you Sol Rising for providing the intro music. The song title is The Journey. Check him out here. 


Tyler Cagwin